What's so special about the Linux Migration Project?

Unlike many Linux-oriented web sites, the Linux Migration Project is designed to be primarily task-oriented -- to show you, step by step, how to do the many things under Linux that you've undoubtedly been doing under Windows all this time, such as installation, creating and managing user accounts, working with DOS floppies and filesystems, managing your disk space, adding new hardware, creating and displaying PostScript and PDF files and so on.

You'll also find pointers to alternative Linux-based software, including office suites such as OpenOffice/StarOffice, AbiWord and others, as well as Windows emulation products that allow you to run, in one form or another, your Windows software under Linux.

What you won't find here are writeups on things like the history of Linux, the wonders of the GNU GPL, or comparisons of return on investment (ROI) or total cost of ownership (TCO). As we've already mentioned, this is a very task-oriented project -- it's for people whose attitude is, "Here's something I know how to do in Windows; how do I do the same thing in Linux?"