Chapter 2. The essentials

Table of Contents

What do we mean by "essentials"?
Command formats
The login sequence
Using the virtual consoles
Working with variables
Setting your search path
Becoming the superuser
Examining some system properties
Some simple process management
Working in the X Window system
The categories of administration tools
Simple editing
Service administration
Getting on the network
Devices and device files
Accessing the CD-ROM
Simple software management
Getting help

What do we mean by "essentials"?

While the overall design of the Linux Migration Project is to cover one topic per chapter, this chapter contains mostly a grab bag of assorted topics which you really should know so that subsequent chapters make more sense.

So while we'll touch on things like the login sequence, how to use the virtual consoles, setting a search path, basic configuration of the X Window System, networking, software installation and more, these are only brief introductions which will definitely be covered in more detail later in the documentation. In other words, be patient.

And so, without further ado, what we consider the essentials.