Chapter 5. How to use OpenZaurus

Table of Contents

What is OpenZaurus?
The basic memory layout under OZ
The Opie GUI and its apps
Working at the command line
The OZ file and directory structure
Configuring USB networking
Service administration
Memory, storage and filesystems
Software administration
Advanced networking/wireless/IRDA
Backups and restores
Programming in the OZ environment


This document is an overview of working with the OpenZaurus operating system on a Sharp Zaurus 5000D or 5500 PDA (and, with any luck, the upcoming 5600). Topics covered include:

  • installation

  • the memory layout, including working with removable media

  • the file and directory structure

  • basic and advanced networking administration

  • software administration

  • configuring peripherals, such as digital cameras and GPS units

  • multimedia applications

This document is definitely a work in progress, as a number of sections simply link to different entries in the official OZ FAQ, available here. Eventually, those links will be replaced with more complete entries but, for now, it's a quick way to fill out a good part of this document. (Obviously, acknowledgements go to the authors of those entries in the FAQ, anonymous or otherwise, who will be listed in the FAQ entries themselves.)

In addition to just reading this document, readers are invited to submit sections for inclusion if they're feeling ambitious. You don't need to format it with DocBook, just send any comments, feedback or contributions to <>.