Working at the command line

If you want to work at the command line (either through the konsole app or after you remotely log in), you can see that most of the basic UNIX commands are available in one of two standard directories:

# ls /bin
# ls /usr/bin

In fact, most of these commands are simply part of the busybox application, documented at You can find a reference to all of the BusyBox commands at that same web site, or by just running:

# busybox


Most of the standard commands are implemented as just symbolic links to the single busybox command, which you can see by running:

# ls -l /bin
# ls -l /usr/bin

While these symbolic links will work fine as they are, note that the links under /usr/bin are not absolute, but relative links, which will not work properly if you move the entire /usr directory to another location such as your SD card.

If you do that, you will have to manually rebuild all of those links to point to the actual location of the busybox executable. This is all covered in the later section on restructuring your filesystems and moving stuff to your SD card.