Basic memory and filesystem layout

We've already seen that the memory of the Z consists of 16M of writable flash for the operating system, either 32M or 64M of RAM and, possibly, extra storage on one or both of a CF card and SD card. What follows, then, is a perfectly typical example of memory and storage usage on a 5500, showing the correspondence between memory, filesystem device files and mount points, based on an install of a 40+24 zImage file:

   Device            FS type     Device name      Mount      Usage(?)

16M writable flash    jffs2     /dev/mtdblock4   /            75(?)%
64M RAM:
    40M memory        ----
    24M storage       ext2      /dev/mtdblock6   /mnt/ram     0%
64M CF card           vfat      /dev/hda1        /mnt/cf      0%
64M SD card           vfat      /dev/mmcda1      /mnt/card    0%

Some notes about the above:


You can examine storage and memory usage through the "System Info" Opie application as well.